December 20, 2014

Trader Joes Austin?

Being from California, recently not originally, there are a few things I miss (FEW) and Trader Joes is one of them.  Sure, Austin is home to Whole Foods and H-E-B’s Central Market is amazing but Trader Joes is a store unto itself.  That’s why when news broke that TJs is finally considering Texas a home, my wife and I rejoiced.

“We’re excited about bringing Trader Joe’s to the wonderful cities, towns, and neighborhoods in and around Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and beyond. We are actively looking for sites and we’re anxious to identify some great locations and begin hiring Crew Members.”  spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki said.

Get to Know Trader Joes

Trader Joes Fearless FlyerTrader Joes, now an enormously popular grocer throughout the western United States, started out as a small chain of convenience stores called Pronto Markets. In ’67, the original Trader Joe, Joe, changed the name to Trader Joe’s. In the process, the stores got bigger, walls were decked with cedar planks (yes Austinites, cedar), and the crew donned, now trademark, Hawaiian shirts. The evolution of Pronto Markets resulted in so much more; Trader Joes is perhaps the brand most successful at it’s own label. Scouring the world for great deals and great products, Trader Joes branded goods are some of the most sought after in grocery stores.

The Trader Joes Promise?

  1. We buy direct from suppliers whenever possible, we bargain hard to get the best price, and then pass the savings on to you.
  2. If an item doesn’t pull its weight in our stores, it goes away to gangway for something else.
  3. We buy in volume and contract early to get the best prices.
  4. Most grocers charge their suppliers fees for putting an item on the shelf. This results in higher prices… so we don’t do it.
  5. We keep our costs low — because every penny we save is a penny you save.

While Trader Joe’s has a few hundred stores in 29 states, its not yet in Texas. Is the Whole Foods competition too steep? I’d argue not. Consider Whole Foods the luxury market to our own Randall’s; in the same sense, think of Trader Joes compared to H-E-B.

Perhaps what you’ll come to love about Trader Joes is that they listen. Their customer service is world class. They are wonderful with kids (H-E-B Bucks aside). And if you really want them to settle nearby (Four Points perhaps?) – Just ask.


  1. Riannon Black says:

    I as well have been inquiring since before I moved to Austin. Where and when will Trader Joe’s arrive in Austin. Aside from the heat, the only unbearable thing about living in Austin Tx is living without Trader Joe’s. I will feel at home finally once they arrive. Hopefully sooner then later. AMEN my prayers have been answered.

  2. Heather Sandell says:

    I agree. I truly miss Trader Joe’s , great atmosphere and some creative food options. I shopped at Trader Joe’s weekly and would love to find out if they are coming to Austin. Great cookies especially their chocolate chip dippers!

  3. Would love to see Trader Joe’s here in Austin. Was just in NM and one of the cashiers said for sure, they are coming to TX. Sooner than later would be better as far as I’m concerned. Not at all impressed with Sprout’s or any of the other “local” organic food stores. Love Whole Foods, but would love to see Trader Joe’s.

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