December 23, 2014

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Secrets

If not already familiar with the heritage of Steiner Ranch, let’s just say the name means something and the proximity of a steakhouse is no mistake. Until recently (we’re talking a couple decades), Steiner Ranch was a few thousand acres of ranch that was home to the Steiner family, their livestock, a famous Steiner rodeo company, and not much more than the birds and bees between lakes.

Steiner Ranch BrandGenerations of Steiners came through these hills, from rodeo champions to country musicians. And while the family always remained true to their roots, it was in 2008 that the restaurant business took hold. Entrancing Bobby Steiner, himself a champion of the circle who achieved that very title as a bull rider in 1973, the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse was born in late 2008 as his children grew and the rodeo retired.

“Steiner Steakhouse”

Enough history, this is about the food and atmosphere! Though let me start by adding that that lead-in was well deserved; for this is not your usual review of a restaurant, but a new residents perspective to this jewel in our hills. What has struck me, in the few months that I’ve lived here, are how few Steiner Ranch residents, and those of Austin beyond, know how to really take advantage of the hospitality the Steakhouse has to offer. Worse, how few have bothered to give it the attention it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, the place is usually well packed and serving a crowd it’s earned; rather, ask yourself why you go the Steakhouse. Is it that rare escape for an exclusive night out or have you explored the Steakhouse secrets?

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse ViewCertainly, one thing the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse has going for it is 5 star quality, service, and atmosphere. You’re not mistaken if you think the steakhouse is a very nice, and pricey, night out with your spouse, clients, or friends. You can hardly do better in Austin. From appetizers of Buffalo Quail eggs to Snow Crab Claws; the amazing “Cowboy” Ribeye or “XS” Ranch Ribs; and a wonderful white chocolate mousse that accompanies an extensive wine list; the food is to die for. In fact, my only criticism is that the wine list is decidedly Californian, here in the heart of Texas (I left California for a reason… not to imply a poor quality to California wines).

Opening the doors to Steiner Steakhouse, you are warmly greeted by the great staff and presented with a glass enclosed wine cellar, looking through to the patio and bar outside. To the left, Buck Steiner saddles and family memorabilia bring the history and heritage of their family and the area to your evening; an experience rarely possible in other restaurants. The first secret of Steiner Ranch is that the Steakhouse is Steiner Ranch; from the memorabilia and heritage throughout the walls to the cast of characters that comprise our community. Dining here is a glimpse into our roots.

In addition to the formal dining in the fire adorned Great Room, three rooms cater to your whims while offering variety in entertaining:
2nd floor bar at Steiner Steakhouse

  1. The Travis Room on the main floor off the main lounge is a formal banquet room ideal for focused meeting groups with stately elegance and the fantastic views
  2. The Angus & Brangus Rooms of the second floor are perfect for a celebration; with a private bar, amazing views from an observation deck, and Steiner’s history throughout
  3. Climbing the stairs to the top floor and Buck’s Room gives you a glimpse of how you can really impress a party at Steiner Ranch.

Dinner at Steiner Ranch is a world class experience. Go ahead! Ask for a tour (secret #2).

And yet… you are mistaken that the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse is reserved for that special night out.

On most evenings, you’re likely to catch Bobby Steiner in the bar making sure your experience is as exceptional as can be. Shake his hand and tell him I sent you (I don’t expect he remembers me yet though, and I hesitate to point out this out, we met in the mens room – I suppose you could mention that), then head out the doors to the patio. There, you’ll find an amazing crowd and an atmosphere befitting a hot Austin restaurant. The third secret to the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse is that it caters to all crowds, while retaining the exclusivity of its world class Steakhouse.

See the outside hostess for a table under the stars and keep dinner light, with their exceptional appetizer menu and some cocktails. Grab a spot around any of the community fire pits and enjoy a simpler evening of wine and dessert after the kids are in bed. Instead? Saddle up to the bar and catch a UT ball game after work. If your butt hurts from sitting too long there’s usually dancing too.

Whether dressed to impress or in sandals and shirts, the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse is one of the best spots in the hill country for a night out.

Oh, and did I mention live music?

Ranch Hand Ace
Leave the sandals at home as no night is complete without a boot shine overlooking the lake with a glass of whiskey in hand.
yep, here

I’ll do my best to keep their live music schedule on our calendar though it’s going to prove a bit of a challenge. For one, they essentially have live music every night; from piano inside to a band out. I’ll figure out some way to indicate that and conveniently remind you as we enhance our community calendar. Of concern, in my giving you the most accurate information, is that I believe live music schedule is limited during the winter months; I’ve not yet heard from them to confirm what to expect or to promote. Bottom line, you aren’t going to find a better venue for live music in Steiner Ranch and should they be off one night, trust me, the white chocolate mousse will more than make up for your loss.

On your way up, call me.


  1. Lin York says:

    While visiting relatives in Austin the last week of May, I had my first visit to the Steiner Ranch Steak House. The food is wonderful, the view is wonderful, the weather was wonderful and the live music was to die for! I plan to make this a regular stop on my visits to Austin. Save us some seats on the patio!

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